Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection


Industrial air compressor consumes large electricity usage when working and therefore Yueh Chi, Scorpio developed a further high efficiency energy saving and carbon reduction air tools to not only cut down electricity bill, but also benefit to our customers, environmental protection and social responsibility.

We have spent the past few years dedicating to develop low air consumption air tools that consume less air intake volume when working. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of the air compressor, work efficiency and achieved the dual benefits of energy saving and carbon reduction and electricity savings.

We have successfully launched a complete series of low air consumption composite impact wrenches that comes with sizes of 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” and we are proud to say the air consumption is 20~25% less than the regular impact wrenches.

It also reduces the volume of air intake when using portable air compressor tank with our low air consumption series of impact wrenches and this will improve your work efficiency and increase the number of times for air compressor storage tank use.