Technology R&D

Technology R&D

Our development and improvement of R & D team directly led by the general manager, each engineer has a wealth of experience in the development of pneumatic tools. We created tools by our own design and innovative, also combined with the needs of the market and the user's habits and convenience.

Low vibration, high efficiency, lightweight tool is our research and development of the main consideration over the years, in recent years more committed to low-air consumption, energy-saving tools for the development thus improving the use of air compressor performance, environmental protection and saving electricity.

Our R & D team contains design, mechanical engineers and metallurgical experts. From every detail of the development process of test, experiment and improve the project, then smooth transfer of production to achieve the quality of assurance.

Development Application Software

Auto CAD 2-D, Solid Work, 3-D Printer, Inventor

Product Development Process

  • 01

    Product Specification and Standardization

  • 02

    Product Design Create

  • 03

    Material Use or New Material Development

  • 04

    Finished or Related Parts Inspection and Life Testing

  • 05

    Product International Quality Certification or Patent Application

  • 06

    The First Batch of Production and Quality Confirmation

  • 07

    Mass Production

As the excellent experience of development and mechanical properties of the professional, we designed our tools with Innovation, Resilience, Endurance, now has more than 50 patents in the field of pneumatic tools.


In Response to various types of products with different performance and life testing requirement, we purchased sophisticated test equipment and device from United States, Japan and Europe. Also we created that detection equipment by ourselves. Torsion tester is our own development of the torque testing machine, originally only for our own test, but its performance is good, high precision, easy to operate, which has been widely used in pneumatic, power tools industry.

Our tests include life testing, cold & impact testing, high air pressure testing and even to ensure the firmness structure of the products, we have truck rolling product testing to ensure the product structure is stable and solid, not easy for external force and loose. After all the laboratories have been tested, we also sent the product to the actual working environment for review, revision or improvement after long –term use.

Finally, we apply for the EU CE certification by the third certification company. CE conformity is to comply with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directives, ISO 11148 Safety Requirement, ISO 28927 Vibration and ISO 15744 Noise Request for quality certification.