Standardized Operation and Humanized Management

During the whole production procedures, either machine operation or manual operation is based on our standardized requirements. Every procedure has definite rules to follow. Production efficient is increased, and manmade negligence is decreased! “Quality is the outcome of manufacturing rather than inspection”, all employees in “YUEH CHI” implement these words never change.

Production Management

“YUEH CHI” has set up specialized SOP for every product and limited tolerance ranges for every component. They are the work instructions and QC standards for our site operators to follow.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality management system was introduced in 2003; we have earnestly implemented this company quality assurance policy with continuous improvement to meet customer satisfaction. At the same time, our workstation methods have brought us more convenient to our production lines and have increased the operating efficiency as well as improved the flexibility of the site operation greatly and therefore we can finish the fabrication of our customer’s diversified orders rapidly.

Material Requirement Planning

Since 1997, the ERP Material Requirement Planning System was introduced to our firm in order to control the raw material production process and quality management system of our supplier’s strictly to ensure smooth production and achieve our goal “zero delay delivery.”

Manufacturing Equipment

“YUEH CHI” has been dedicating to provide professional air tools to the market. We design and develop our own molds and fixtures. We produce up to 70% of our own parts. We use high-tech automatic production equipment and professional metal surface treatment to make our products more durable with longer lifetime.

We imported most of our CNC processing machines from Europe and the U.S.; they are specialized in chamfering, milling, grilling and etc. We also have unique processing machines and equipment for special metal aging treatment to make parts that reach to the standards of the industrial tools requirements and they are made according to the formulated technical parameters.

Production Process

  • 01

    Material use or new material development

  • 02

    Heat Treatment

  • 03

    Hardness – Carburized – Intensity Processing Procedures

  • 04

    Precise Grinding – Polishing – Plating – Surface Treatment – Impurity Removal

  • 05

    Component Inspection

  • 06

    Standardized Installation and Assembly

  • 07

    Overall tests for finished goods

  • 08

    Packaging and Delivery