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    Why SCORPIO tools?

    25 years in the pneumatic tools industry and we are still going strong. Customer satisfaction is a priority at Yueh Chi, Scorpio
    and the reason why we have been at forefront of the efforts to design and produce innovative pneumatic tools.
    Our products are lighter and smaller, but high torque and allow users to perform their job more effectively and effortlessly.

    Also simple & compact design structure to better for maintains. That's all making our products more competitive than others.

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    What warranties do SCORPIO pneumatic tools have?

    Each Scorpio pneumatic tool is warranted against manufacturing defects and poor-quality materials.

    However, consumable parts are expected to be used up or damaged during use reasonably.

    The warranty does not include normal wear and tear, overloading or improper use.

    Before you send back the claimed defective tools, please contact with your distributor or the place of purchase.

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    Where Can I Purchase Damaged Parts of My Tool?

    We recommend our customers to purchase reasonable quantity of consumable spare parts (such as O-ring, spring, gasket, anvil and etc.)

    with their orders to save shipping cost. And if you need more spare parts, please check on the Part Drawing we attached with the tool.

    Please send us a list of the spare parts you wish to purchase by their part number and we will offer you a quote accordingly.

    Or you can contact with your local dealer.

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    Where can I Download Detailed Information of my tools?

    Please click here to access our Online Catalogue

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    Who Should I Contact if I want to be the Distributor for SCORPIO Pneumatic Tools in My Country?

    Yueh Chi, Scorpio welcomes everyone who’s interested in cooperating with us and we will be happy to provide you with the help of promotion.

    Please email us your business proposal to, and our Sales Manager will get back to you promptly.

    We participate in major pneumatic tools related exhibitions worldwide every year, such as International Hardware Fair Koln, Automechanika Frankfurt, Moscow International Tool Expo, and Taiwan Hardware Show etc ......

    We welcome you to come and visit us. It is always a great opportunity for us to discuss our future cooperation while demonstrating products to you.

    Please click here to access the upcoming exhibitions we will be attending